The Deals that Made the World, Jacques Peretti, UK, 2017

The Deals that Made the World, Jacques Peretti, UK, 2017

“A country run as a business does not have to concern itself with the tropes of post-war liberal inclusiveness (tolerance, open borders, a welfare state, even taxation) only with its shareholders: the voters” P.294

Although interesting, this is definitely not a light read, and most of the time it is downright depressing. Peretti puts forward the argument that it is not governments and politicians running the world but a small group of very powerful businesses and businessmen. With chapters covering topics as diverse as cash, food, news and globalisation, Peretti tracks the way business is in the process of grabbing all power (and all finances) for itself.

Much of the content of The Deals that Made the World is not surprising – on some level we have known or have guessed the case to be as Peretti describes – but the fact that it is all gathered together, in the one place, makes it more imperative and, if possible, more real.

Photo of Jacques Peretti from The Guardian

Unfortunately, I feel that the ‘takeover’ is a now done deal. We might demonstrate and protest, but it is a bit like ants trying to stop a highway being built. We would need a tremendous financial upheaval (the coronavirus?) to break up all the deals that have been put in place. Only then – and with a strong commitment to building a society based on equality, not money – would we have the slightest chance of righting the many wrongs that are now firmly in place.

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