Working Writers and Bloggers

Working Writers and Bloggers

My Ninth Blog Introduction is Working Writers and Bloggers by Cherie Burbach.

This is, as the name implies, a blog or a site about writing. Here you can find a large number of writing tips, interviews with writers, and news about books and writers (including reviews). As well, there is an actual blog section where you can find interesting posts by Cherie and a number of guest ‘bloggers’. You are also welcome to leave comments.

Cherie is a writer who has written a number of books about lifestyle and relationships, often from the perspective of her faith, and she is very focused on helping people.

She is also an artist, and many of her works reflect the same themes as her writing.

To find out more about Cherie, you can either click on the links throughout this post, or you can visit the links here below: Working Bloggers and Bloggers,
Cherie’s Art,

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