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As will be obvious from some of the comments below, An Ambiguous Tragedy started life as a serial novel ( January – June 2016). It was published in book form on the 17th July 2016.

“This novel by Diane Eklund-Abolins is a refreshing and intriguing Australian tale that centers around a bush track near a country town. Over time various individuals disappear from the area, and the local police along with family members struggle to determine their fate. A mysterious man carrying a suitcase weaves himself into the story, adding to the suspense for the reader. I found myself reading keenly right until the final paragraph. The dry Australian bush came to life, and I could picture the track, the ridge and the old hut in my mind's eye. I recommend this novel to all readers who love a good mystery or detective story.” Sue Hollingworth

“... Diane, I really enjoyed An Ambiguous Tragedy. The story intrigued me right from the start, my mind drifting to movies I’d seen years ago, like Sliding Doors and Babel. As I read further, I wondered about the theory of six degrees of separation, the television series of Twilight Zone, and Ivan Milat's backpacker murders. Because of the strong philosophic theme, the book Sophie's World came to mind, as well. I loved the way those tenuous threads all eventually came together, but I certainly couldn't work it out for myself, any more than I could ever figure out Agatha Christie's intricate plots. And so, I just kept picking up the book, finding it hard to put down. Even with my busy life, the size of the book and its mysterious quality meant that I finished it within a few days. I am full of praise for the way you have woven the tapestry, each little part independent of and yet linked to the other parts. It occurred to me that you might have read a book with a theme similar to the book in the story. Then I wondered if the ideas contained in it were perhaps your own. Either way, I found it a great read and I'm quite impressed with your talent. ... ” Christine, Central Coast, NSW.

Thank you so very much, Christine, for your comments regarding An Ambiguous Tragedy; I am delighted that you enjoyed it so much. The ideas in the book are definitely my own. My ideas (compare with my thoughts about Time in Room Nineteen) are what drive my stories, and were I to borrow ideas or a theme from some other source there could be no depth to the story, which would most probably fizzle out very quickly. Diane

“...I very much enjoyed your story. The idea of unrelated, yet possible connections, resonates with me. Have you ever been at an intersection, where for hours, the intersection has been totally deserted... Then, at the very same time, 3 cars arrive at the intersection, a group of people arrive to cross the road, a cyclist turns the corner and a dog wanders up...   I call this a moment of synchronicity. There is no logical reason why this synchronicity occurs. There is a connection between these participants in this moment, but the only connection is that they have arrived at the same location at the same time. Your story takes 'synchronicity' in an intriguing direction, creating a compelling mystery.

I feel all the mysteries are satisfyingly resolved... and yet... we are left with food for thought. (...) Is it possible to live in two different realities at the same time and to draw others into a virtual reality? Thank-you for a good read.” Sue McCabe

“... I enjoyed reading An Ambiguous Tragedy and the way you tied it all up at the end. The concepts of individual perception and connections were fascinating. I wonder how often they play out in 'real life' and how do we really know? Will we ever be able to apply standardised tests to them? I rather hope the mystery remains... ” Pat, Sydney.

“... What an ending to chapter 18,.........made me feel extremely worried. Thanks for letting me be a part of this saga. I'm really enjoying An Ambiguous Tragedy. Have just finished reading  chapter 14 for the second time...can't wait for next chapter....well done. Thanks.” Helena

“This is Absolutely fabulous! I can’t wait to read the next chapter of An Ambiguous Tragedy – it really is very captivating. What happened to Sandra? Who is the man with the suitcase (is he Shane?) Why did five people disappear? Who were the men on the track? What happens to Doug? I read 7 chapters in one go this evening, and while it took me a while to start reading, I am thoroughly enjoying your serial novel. ” Annette A.