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On Foot from Albany to Perth

Whether you are a walker, a hiker, a nature lover or an armchair traveller, 45 Days: Walking the Bibbulmun Track will engage and inspire you.

In 2005, Diane and her son Jonathan walked the 1,000–kilometre Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia, crossing the vast and varied southern part of that state with its breathtaking views and hidden pockets of undisturbed beauty. The book weaves together the drama, the humour, the elation and the challenges of walking one thousand kilometres in all kinds of weather and through all kinds of terrain.

Why would anyone in their right mind choose to walk one thousand kilometres through blistering heat, freezing cold and torrential rain; along seemingly never–ending, isolated, sandy beaches; over hills and boulders, many of them masquerading as mountains; through dense bush and forests or across open, windswept plains? Why would anyone want to remove themselves from all the warm and cosy creature comforts we normally take so completely for granted?. . .

The answer, of course, is in the book.

Walk the Track from Albany to Perth without ever having to leave home.

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