45 Days: Walking the Bibbulmun Track

The Bibbulmun Track . . .

stretches for almost 1,000 kilometres between Albany and Perth in Western Australia and covers a variety of landscapes, including beaches, coastal ridges, forests, heathland, hills, rural areas, pine plantations, mountains and swamps, as well as rivers, creeks, waterfalls, inlets and lakes.

My younger son, Jonathan, and I did the Walk in the autumn, beginning in Albany on the 19th March and reaching Kalamunda, just outside Perth, on the 2nd May – a total of 45 days. Andris, my husband, joined us at Walpole and then walked with us as far as Balingup – a period of about two and a half weeks.

We experienced temperatures that varied between normal autumn temperatures, midsummer temperatures – well above 40°C – and midwinter temperatures that were only a few degrees above zero. However, in spite of serious fluctuations in temperature, the occasional electric storm, torrential rain that lasted for days and bushfires that caused diversions to the Track, we had an amazing time, and, had it been possible when we reached Kalamunda, we would have happily considered turning around and walking back to Albany.





I have divided the photos into the three main sections of the Walk: ONE – Albany to Northcliffe (mainly coastal); TWO – Northcliffe to Balingup (large forests and valleys) and THREE – Balingup to Kalamunda (hills and small trees). A number of the photos between Walpole and Balingup were taken by Andris; the rest of the photos were taken by myself.

It is more than possible that you are looking at the photos after having read the book; however, if you have not yet read the book – 45 Days: Walking the Bibbulmun Track – and you would like to do so, you will find all the information you need under BOOK. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as we enjoyed doing the Walk.